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St. Lucia is one of the world's most desirable real estate locations. If you are a St. Lucian national looking to make a real estate investment, or you have recently visited the island and are looking to purchase a vacation home, a permanent residence, or are considering going into business, it is of vital importance to engage an experienced legal practitioner to guide and support you on your journey.

At Athena Law, we offer a range of services which includes representing your interests during the negotiation of a purchase agreement, advising on the best method of acquisition, drafting the legal documents needed to make sales and purchases official, guiding you on the mortgage process, and even working to create legacy plans that ensure your heirs receive the property with minimum interference after your death. In addition, our many years of experience in handling commercial law and investments give us the unique ability to assist you in your business ventures, from construction agreements, applying for government incentives and approvals to facilitating investor financing. Contact us today to find out more information.

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Anyone, regardless of nationality and location, can acquire property in St. Lucia. While the citizenship of a potential buyer will not limit their ability to purchase, citizenship does play a role in the resulting legal process.

St. Lucia citizens can acquire property without any additional legal steps. A St. Lucia real estate attorney is ready to represent their interests immediately once they identify a piece of property that they wish to purchase.

Athena Law specializes in assisting citizens and non-citizens alike in navigating their property journeys and the specific laws that apply in St. Lucia.  In the case of non-citizens this can include obtaining an alien landholding license if a buyer wishes to acquire property while maintaining citizenship in their home country or identifying qualifying real estate or other options that may qualify a buyer for the citizenship by investment program.


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    We have worked with Michelle Anthony-Desir over many years, and as one of the leading realtors on the island of St. Lucia, specialising in property sales to an international client base, we are very happy to recommend her services. We, and our clients, have always found Michelle and her staff to ... Read On

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At Athena Law, we want to help you protect your investment. This includes creating legacy plans that ensure the asset moves to one's intended heirs after death. Consulting with a St. Lucia real estate lawyer will allow you to identify any legal issues and costs that may arise during the transfer of property, as well as provide you with clarity on what your family can expect.

In addition to estate planning, Athena Law has served as a trusted partner and advisor to many different small business owners, property developers, and corporations throughout the years. If you are looking to acquire a commercial property, we can provide you with the guidance you need at every step, from purchasing to successfully managing your investments. This includes ensuring your construction contracts are drawn to uphold your best interests if you have bought land on the island with the intention of building your operation.

We can also assist with the buying and selling of businesses, as well as the facilitation of investor agreements and financing arrangements.

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Purchasing property in St. Lucia as a primary residence, vacation home, or commercial venture is a beautiful opportunity for your future. Since local laws do not restrict ownership based on nationality or citizenship, now is the perfect time to invest in your future.

Athena Law is ready to guide you through the relevant legal processes and represent your interests during the negotiation phase of these sales. You can also rest assured that your investment will move smoothly to the next generation with minimal interference. Enlist the help of a real estate lawyer in St. Lucia today to get started.

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