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Alien Landholding Licence in St. Lucia

There are few places in the world more beautiful than St. Lucia. It should come as no surprise that the demand to own property on the island is high. This is especially true among foreign residents hoping to invest in or relocate to the area. Of course, there are some unique steps that individuals must take before owning or leasing land on the island. This includes securing an alien landholding licence.

An alien landholding licence in St. Lucia gives you the right to buy, lease, acquire, or continue to own land. It is a mandatory step that must be completed as part of the purchasing process. If you are considering investing in commercial or residential property in St. Lucia, our experienced real estate attorney from Athena Law could help ensure you meet all the legal requirements for a smooth transaction.

The Certificate of Eligibility

An important step must be completed before a foreign resident can apply for an alien landholding licence in St. Lucia. This involves obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility. The Certificate of Eligibility clears you to purchase or lease property in St. Lucia. If granted, this certificate can last for one or ten years, and an individual or entity can make one or several applications for an alien landholding licence during this period of validity.

The documents required for a Certificate of Eligibility for an individual applicant include: An application in the prescribed form

  • Police certificate of character or equivalent from the applicant's country of birth, domicile and residency if different. In the case of American nationals this must be issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for Canadian Citizens the Royal Mounted Canadian Police and in the case of United Kingdom Nationals an ACRO report.
  • Certified copy of passport bio-data page
  • Bank reference letter no more than six months old
  • Birth record of the applicant
  • Marriage Record if name was changed by marriage.
  • Statutory declaration verifying the information provided in the application

Where the applicant is a company in addition to all of the above documents for each individual, director, beneficial owner, or shareholder the following must also be included:

  • Incorporation/registration documents of the applicant company
  • Certificate of good standing or equivalent from the country of incorporation or registration
  • Filed corporate documents to include notice of directors, beneficial owners, and shareholders.

Where a purchaser has identified the property which he or she wishes to acquire then the application for the certificate and the aliens landholding licence  can be submitted at the same time. The application for the licence will be considered on approval of the certificate.

If you have not determined what property you wish to acquire, you may apply for the certificate to confirm that you qualify to invest on the island. This would certainly speed up the purchasing process once you make you choice of property.

Applying for the Alien Landholding Licence

Applications must be made concerning one parcel of land or one subdivided lot and should contain particulars of current ownership, location, cost, and purpose for which the land will be used. An application should also identify any land currently owned or leased by the applicant.

Additionally, applications for alien landholding licences in St. Lucia must be accompanied by:

  • A valid certificate
  • Document evidencing legal or equitable title to the land
  • Proof that the land is part of an approved development (if applicable)
  • Survey plan showing land currently owned by the applicant and land intended to be purchased or leased
  • Map sheet showing land currently owned by the applicant and land intended to be purchased or leased
  • Prescribed subdivision fee in the case of an application for a licence to hold a subdivided lot
  • Statutory declaration verifying the information provided in the application

In applications where the land exceeds one acre in size, is for a lease of more than two years, is not part of an approved development, and all other requirements are met, the board will seek the recommendation of the planning authorities prior to approval.

The cost for the licence varies depending on the size of the property or whether the property will be purchased outright or leased.

Consider Calling for Help with Your Alien Landholding Licence in St. Lucia

Navigating the process of obtaining an alien landholding licence in St. Lucia could be made much easier with the help of our Principal Attorney at Athena Law. Failing to get the application right can result in untold delays and issues with a purchase. With decades of experience in commercial and residential real estate transactions, legacy planning, commercial law, and investments, we can assist with a wide array of needs.

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