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St. Lucia Wills Lawyer

The most traditional way to ensure the transfer of property and the fulfillment of one's wishes after death is to create a will. A will is a legal document that sets out your wishes regarding your property and other matters after death.

A St. Lucia wills lawyer could help individuals craft documents that provide instructions for once they have passed. An effective estate plan may include other documentation in addition to a last will and testament. Athena Law's experienced legacy planning attorney can explain the laws that govern proper will creation and craft documents that meet every legal requirement to ensure a smooth transition of your property.

What Are the Legal Requirements When Creating a Will in St. Lucia?

Any individual who is at least 18 years old and of sound mind may create a will. The “notarial will” executed by a testator in the presence of two legal practitioners in their capacity as notaries royal is the form of will typically used in St. Lucia.

Once executed, a will holds legal power until the testator destroys the document or signs a new one. A dedicated St. Lucia attorney could help simplify the legal processes involved in creating a will so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order.

What Topics Can a Will Address?

The contents of a will should reflect the decisions and choices of the maker of the will and should set out clearly, how you would want your affairs to be managed after death.

Wills also typically designate a person who takes on the responsibility of ensuring that these wishes come to fruition. This person is called the executor. Any party who is at least 18 years old and is willing can serve in this role. Choosing the correct executor is essential to ensuring one's wishes become a reality during the probate process.

A will is the perfect tool to avoid leaving distribution of your property to the island's intestacy laws. These are the legal presumptions for inheriting property if an individual passes away without a valid will in place. Without a will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the rules set out by law. Ultimately, your assets may noy be distributed in the manner that you wany want. At Athena Law, our St. Lucia wills attorney could help you to identify your goals and create a document that explicitly outlines these desires.

Let a St. Lucia Wills Attorney Help with the Allocation of Your Assets

Creating a will remains the most common way for people to pass on and protect their assets after death. Do not take chances on the legacy you have worked hard to build. A failure to meet certain legal criteria may challenge the validity of your will and create challenges in probate court. Even worse, without a will in place, your property may not be distributed or cared for as you intended.

Let a St. Lucia wills lawyer help ensure the smooth transition of your assets once you are gone. Consider reaching out to Athena Law to schedule a consultation to learn more about how our 20-plus years of experience could be put to work for you.

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