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St. Lucia Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Purchasing real estate as a family home or investment property in St. Lucia while rewarding, can prove to be complex. For residents and citizens, the island's smaller size makes the market noticeably more competitive. For non-citizens, obtaining the right to purchase property and even move to the island, although relatively straightforward, requires clear legal advice.

At Athena Law you will be supported on every step of your property acquisition journey. Whether you are a non-citizen or a local, we could represent your interests in negotiating a fair agreement and ensure you have the information you need to make an informed decision. Consider contacting a St. Lucia residential real estate lawyer today to take the first step towards a new home.

Negotiating St. Lucia Residential Real Estate Contracts

Before any sale occurs, it is necessary to ensure that the seller has the right to offer the property. This can be performed through a title search. If these results come back free and clear, a knowledgeable and experienced St. Lucia residential real estate attorney could help move forward with negotiating a contract on behalf of a buyer or seller. While the other party will be working to protect their interests, they may be willing to make compromises on certain terms in the purchase or sale agreement such as:

  • The closing date
  • What fixtures will remain on the property
  • Who will pay for needed repairs before the transfer of ownership

At Athena Law, our Principal Attorney possesses extensive experience in real estate contracts and advocating on behalf of clients to come to terms that are in their best interest.

Aiding Non-Citizens and Foreign Companies in Purchasing Property

St. Lucia's laws allow non-citizens and companies to purchase residential real estate. However, the main hurdle to this process is obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility and the Alien Landholding Licence to allow a buyer to purchase, acquire, or lease property – something an Athena Law attorney can help a buyer to obtain. This involves a due diligence and vetting process that the government undertakes to ensure that a property buyer has the means to purchase, acquire, or lease property and will not bring the island into disrepute.

A dedicated St. Lucia attorney well-versed in residential real estate processes can expertly guide you to achieve success.

A St. Lucia Residential Real Estate Attorney Could Provide Guidance

For non-citizens or investors, purchasing property on the island of St. Lucia can culminate your life-long dream. If you are a Saint Lucian, purchasing property is part of creating your family legacy.

If you are considering investing in real estate on the island, contacting a seasoned St. Lucia residential real estate lawyer at the start of the process is paramount to successfully securing your new asset. Athena Law's Principal Attorney can assist you in negotiating your agreement for sale, ensuring that title is clear, applying for your Certificate of Eligibility and Aliens Landholding Licence, and drafting all legal documents to secure title to the property.

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